Most Americans back drug decrim; Tucker Carlson’s marijuana banking conspiracy theory; Judge: safe injection site doesn’t violate federal law

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The National Cannabis Industry Association and more than 800 marijuana industry representatives sent a letter urging congressional leaders to deschedule cannabis in response to an outbreak of vaping-related severe lung injuries.

A poll found that 55% of Americans support decriminalizing all drugs so “they would be treated like minor traffic violations.”

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson said he thinks Congress passed a marijuana banking bill as part of a ploy to keep Americans “dumb” so lawmakers can avoid scrutiny.

  • “When you mismanage the country this badly, you want the people to be so out of it they don’t respond. That is really true. They want you to be dumb.”

The Family Research Council is also criticizing the cannabis financial services bill’s advancement.


A federal judge ruled that a proposed Philadelphia, Pennsylvania safe consumption site for illegal drugs does not violate federal law.

Colorado’s U.S. attorney said banks that work with marijuana businesses aren’t necessarily safe from prosecution.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), a presidential candidate, published an op-ed about her support for far-reaching marijuana reforms beyond cannabis banking access. She also tweeted, “The fact is that if we’re going to legalize marijuana at the federal level, then we have to do it right. That means correcting the historical injustices of failed drug policies.”


Pennsylvania  Gov. Tom Wolf (D) announced he’s expediting pardons for nonviolent, marijuana-related convictions. He also tweeted infographics about public support for cannabis reform and said, “I am calling on the General Assembly to seriously consider legalization of adult-use, recreational marijuana.” Meanwhile, the House speaker reiterated his opposition to ending prohibition.

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) moved to allow medical cannabis patients to renew their registrations every two years instead of annually and  spoke at an event about fostering an inclusive marijuana industry.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker’s (R) temporary ban on vaping products is being challenged in a federal lawsuit.

Virginia’s attorney general tweeted in support of marijuana legalization.

Arkansas’s attorney general hosted an event for law enforcement officials to learn about medical cannabis.

Michigan regulators expanded the state’s marijuana social equity program.

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Australia’s deputy prime minister said a local move to legalize marijuana is “dopey.”

Paraguayan regulators published guidelines on medical cannabis licensing.

Coca cultivation is rising in Peru, according to new data from the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.


Researchers are studying whether cannabis terpenes are contributing to air pollution.

A study concluded that “youth who engage with cannabis promotions and brands had higher odds of past-year cannabis use.”


The San Diego Union-Tribune editorial board said that local officials who won’t allow legal marijuana sales “may be the best friends illegal dealers could have.”

The American Farm Bureau Federation filed a public comment calling on the Environmental Protection Agency to approve hemp pesticide applications, and the group tweeted about growing interest in the crop from farmers.

The Marijuana Policy Project published a report with recommendations on addressing an outbreak of vaping-related lung injuries.

Americans for Safe Access released patient-focused recommendations in response to the vaping injury epidemic.


Canopy Growth Corporation purchased a majority stake in BioSteel Sports Nutrition Inc. and plans to make CBD-infused sports nutrition products.

Bank of New York Mellon Corp. stopped accepting positions or trading with U.S. marijuana-related businesses.


In Guy Ritchie’s upcoming film The Gentlemen, Matthew McConaughey plays a marijuana kingpin.

Former football player Percy Harvin said he was high during every NFL game he played.

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