Wisconsin lawmakers file marijuana decrim bill; Equity advocates host regional summit; Doctors find forgotten 18-year-old cannabis in man’s nose

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Wisconsin lawmakers filed a bill to decriminalize possession of an ounce of marijuana, but Republican legislative leaders don’t seem likely to allow it to advance.

The Minority Cannabis Business Association is hosting a summit aimed at ensuring northeast states’ marijuana legalization laws are centered on social equity and involve communities harmed the most by prohibition. The December event comes in a response to regional governors coordinating cannabis plans.

Mahmoud ElSohly, the director of the U.S.’s only federally approved marijuana cultivation facility, revealed that his lab and an unnamed company are working to develop THC eye drops to treat glaucoma.

Doctors published a case study of a man who smuggled marijuana into prison in his nose, forgot about it and then had it removed 18 years later.


A federal judge authored an article about how CBD products can cause positive THC drug tests.

Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA) tweeted, “Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced the establishment of the Domestic Hemp Production Program to regulate hemp production in the United States. I am excited by the new economic opportunities that this will open for Virginia’s farmers.”

Rep. Joe Courtney (D-CT) sent a press release saying that proposed federal hemp regulations represent “a big step forward for our farmers who have ventured into the hemp industry, and who are ready to keep producing this cash crop on a bigger scale.”

The House bill to respect state marijuana laws got one new cosponsor for a total of 63.

The House bill to federally tax marijuana got one new cosponsor for a total of four.

The House bill to let Department of Veterans Affairs doctors issue medical cannabis recommendations got one new cosponsor for a total of 18.

The House bill to remove roadblocks to marijuana research got one new cosponsor for a total of 15.

The House bill to bridge the gap between state and federal marijuana laws got one new cosponsor for a total of two.

CORRECTION: An item in Wednesday’s issue about U.S. Customs and Border protection seizing packaging shipments to state-licensed marijuana businesses had an incorrect link. The correct link is here.


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered Lebanon County courts to stop blocking people on probation from using medical cannabis while it reviews a case challenging the policy.

Hemp and medical cannabis are key issues in the Kentucky agriculture commissioner’s race.

New Jersey’s Senate president said there is a “50/50” chance lawmakers will pass a marijuana legalization bill after next week’s elections.

Minnesota’s House majority leader said that the outbreak of vaping-related injuries is a good reason to legalize and regulate marijuana.

The Kansas legislature’s Special Committee on Federal and State Affairs issued recommendations for medical cannabis legislation, including a ban on smoking.

Washington State regulators approved adopted a policy allowing marijuana retailers to return now-banned flavored cannabis vaping products for credit.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said it has a new testing method to distinguish marijuana from hemp.

The California Senate Labor, Public Employment and Retirement Committee will hold a hearing on cannabis employment issues next Friday.

Michigan regulators reduced and eliminated medical cannabis fees.

A Vermont Agency of Agriculture official said that proposed federal hemp regulations seem to be more oriented toward law enforcement than farmers.

Oregon regulators published a podcast about the state’s ban on flavored THC vaping products.

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Denver, Colorado officials discovered an 80% failure rate while conducting random yeast and mold tests on marijuana products.

The Detroit, Michigan City Council is expected to consider a measure next week to delay allowing recreational marijuana sales while officials work out the details of an equitable system.

Chicago, Illinois’s mayor announced $30 million in funding for neighborhood revitalization efforts, which will be available to cannabis businesses.

The Los Angeles County, California district attorney backed off a position that could have jeopardized deportation protections for immigrants with low-level drug offenses.


The UK health secretary spoke about efforts to increase medical cannabis access.

Jamaica’s minister of industry, commerce, agriculture and fisheries said the government has a first draft of medical cannabis import and export regulations.

Dutch ministers said it is important that local trials on legal marijuana sales and supply don’t give the impression that the government is encouraging use.

Uruguayan regulators selected three companies to cultivate marijuana.


A review concluded that “CBD and other cannabinoids have therapeutic effects in [Parkinson’s disease] and [l-DOPA-induced dyskinesia].”

A study found that an “abstinence message evoked greater reactance than the harm reduction message and led to less favorable attitudes toward the advocated behavior” and that “anti-[marijuana] messages designed to discourage use might heighten reactance and inadvertently lead to greater craving and intent to use.”


A poll of Mexicans found that 45% support legalizing marijuana, 43% oppose it and 5% back medical use only.

A poll found that Pennsylvania voters support legalizing marijuana, 58%-36%, but that most are less likely to back the change if sales were conducted through state liquor stores instead of by private companies.


The value of Cura Cannabis has been reduced in a deal with Curaleaf from $947 million to $301 million.

Cresco Labs announced that a Department of Justice review period for its planned acquisition of Tryke Companies has expired.

CannaCraft is collecting plastic waste from marijuana packaging to convert into fuel to power its delivery trucks.

1906 announced it raised $18 million in funding.

Here’s a look at the varying “universal symbols” that marijuana businesses must include on packaging in different states.

The Wall Street Journal examines how the real estate industry is using marijuana-focused open houses to market mansions.


Snoop Dogg spoke about his support for equity in marijuana licensing.

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