Back again in the day, starting to be a hashish connoisseur was all about who you realized. Prospects are, your initially cannabis knowledge happened mainly because you knew another person who could get their fingers on the ganja.

Then you acquired how to roll a joint or how to pack a bowl by watching your friend’s older brother do it. You continued mastering the whys-and-wherefores of the Mary Jane culture by viewing people around you.

It was very significantly a grasp-and-apprentice-sort of studying system. We acquired everything we desired to know — how to score a bag, how to smoke a nug, how to pack a bowl — from somebody who experienced finished it ahead of.

When we were being relaxed with the approach (or just actually enthusiastic about the scene), we would graduate to performing it all ourselves. It was at that stage, then, that we turned the grasp and could move on our information to any apprentice who cared to look at.

woman holding a lighter with both hands while smoking

As the legalization of leisure cannabis proceeds to unfold throughout the state, getting significant has gone from staying about who you know to currently being about exactly where you are living.

Now, first-time end users can wander into a head store and buy their initially bag devoid of understanding significantly, if nearly anything, about the smoking encounter. We’re not stating this is a negative point — we couldn’t be happier that cannabis is last but not least legal.

What we are indicating is that the information several novice weed people who smoke acquire from their pals has been changed by world wide web searches and trial and mistake.

Which is wherever this tutorial will come in. We’ll get the location of your cousin’s friend and become your go-to supply for all things serious.

For those of you wanna-be weed smokers wanting to know how to get started on the highway to nirvana (the transcendent point out, not the band), imagine of us as your canna-learn. Appear sit quietly at our ft, consider in our know-how, and get begun on the road to enlightenment.

Our lesson now is a primary a person: How to pack a bowl.

What You will Have to have To Pack A Bowl


This one’s very apparent, so we won’t stay here long.

hand reaching into jar of marijuana buds which can be used to learn how to pack a bowl

For rookies, lightweights, and those of a lower-tolerance threshold, select a pressure that is:

  1. Large in CBD


  1. Small in THC

Harlequin (sativa) or Pennywise (indica) are fantastic starting factors for the substantial-CBD wide range, while Maui Waui (sativa), Plushberry (indica), and Chernobyl (hybrid) are very good commencing details for the reduced-THC assortment.

Other delicious strains include:

If you decide on a person of the names from the listing earlier mentioned, retain in mind that you are leaping in the deep conclude with out a daily life jacket. Large-THC strains like these will get you very well and definitely messed up in the blink of an eye.

Honestly, you will not even see it coming until eventually it’s much too late.

Whatsoever strain you pick to get started with, consider it slow and move forward cautiously lest you find yourself clinging to the floor convinced the earth is seeking to spin you free. A puff or two from some of these strains is enough to ship you soaring.

So really do not get cocky and consider to inhale the full bowl. You have been warned.

For much more facts about the ideal and strongest weed strains, test out our report The 50 Best Weed Strains.


The bowl we refer to in the title of this posting is not anything from which you consume cereal (although there’s a Fruity Pebbles pun in there someplace). Rather, it is a smaller sized piece of a significantly larger cigarette smoking apparatus: the bong.

How To Pack A BowlSource:


Bongs come in all designs and measurements and can be designed out of some very exclusive materials.

Regardless of their overall look, they all fairly substantially have the very same elements (see over).

The bowl is a funnel-formed piece that retains the cannabis and will make it much easier to light-weight. As you might have guessed (due to the fact of the presence of this posting), there is extra to the procedure than just jamming some bud into the bowl and applying a flame.

Packing the bowl properly can signify the difference in between a great smoke and a bad smoke.


lighter with flame that can be used when learning how to pack a bowl

Using tobacco is all about burning. And burning needs a flame. Matches are superior. A lighter is improved. A blow torch is overkill.

You will be making use of the flame several situations and you never want the problem of striking a match each 30 seconds. Get a affordable, disposable lighter and get prepared to sense groovy.


This one particular is optional, but it tends to make the working experience all the additional pleasing (they never call it sofa-lock for very little). Really, any comfortable spot will do. The couch is just the most ubiquitous.

Some thing To Do

Honestly, at times just sitting down even now, staring off into space and taking pleasure in the sounds of the hues on your wall is ample for a wonderful vacation.

Other instances, you are going to want (nay, need to have) a little something to occupy your time. If you’ve chosen to partake of a sativa selection, it may possibly really feel like you can’t sit nonetheless. Owning a little something to occupy your intellect will experience like a godsend.

colorful rope lighting with woman playing video game in the background

Observing a favourite movie is usually a very good notion. As is gathering a group of good friends and playing weed games while you toke.

In this article are some other pleasurable issues to do while high:

  • Dance
  • Follow Tai Chi
  • Hula hoop
  • Go to the circus
  • Tour an artwork museum
  • Read a ebook
  • Surf the web
  • Yoga
  • Clean up
  • Go to a playground and swing
  • See what all the fuss in excess of hashish lube is all about
  • Just take a wander
  • Work out
  • Meditate
  • Engage in video clip online games
  • Form on an old-university keyboard
  • Make some artwork
  • Test new meals
  • Acquire a shower
  • Get a massage

The record of enjoyable things to do even though significant is pretty much endless. Experiment with activities to see which one particular suits your temper the most effective.

Sploof (Optional)

Weed smoke is like burnt popcorn — it permeates almost everything and will not go away. If you’re worried about the odor from your smoke sesh heading just about everywhere, neutralize the odor with a sploof.

Consider of a sploof as a muffler for your cannabis. Sense no cost to acquire a fancy (read through: “expensive”) sploof on the web or at your community dispensary, but we’d relatively channel MacGyver and make our have. All you will need is a box of dryer sheets, a utilised toilet paper tube, and a rubber band.

Loosely pack numerous dryer sheets in the bathroom paper tube, protected a dryer sheet about just one stop with the rubber band, and you are good to go.

Immediately after you’ve inhaled the smoke from your bong, blow it out into the open up stop of the sploof. The dryer sheets will filter the notify-tale odor and preserve your place smelling clean and clean up (assuming it smelled that way in the 1st area).

Your sploof will previous for a number of smoke sessions, but hold an eye on the dryer sheets. They’ll convert darkish when they’ve operate out of filtering electricity. When that occurs, just toss the sploof in the trash and begin all over again. Simple peasy.

Now that we’ve got the standard requirements (and a pair of extras) out of the way, let’s get to the how-to of packing a bowl.

How To Pack A Bowl

clear glass bowl that should be removed when learning how to pack a bowl

Phase #1

If doable, clear away the bowl from the bong. This is done so that you never unintentionally knock above the bong. It is also done so that stray bud does not tumble into the drinking water chamber.

Should a rogue bit of ganja locate its way into the downstem, it can be eliminated and repacked in the bowl in which it will have the most reward.

Phase #two

Crack off (or uncover) a person or two nuggets that are somewhat much larger than the gap at the base of the bowl (leading to the downstem). Immediately after removing any seeds and stems, area these items at the bottom of the bowl.

These items will act as support for the more compact bits of weed you’ll place on major and prevent you from sucking every thing into the water chamber (recognised as “snapping the bowl”).

You don’t want to block the hole wholly as that will protect against air flow. Which is why two smallish items are frequently better than one big piece — they make it possible for air to stream all over and by means of the gap into the downstem.

Step #3

Get another nugget of marijuana from your stash, eliminate any seeds and stems and, though holding it around the bowl, rip it into small parts with your fingers. The finer you make it the a lot easier it is to pack in the bowl and the far better it will burn.

You want to rip plenty of so that the marijuana mounds above the rim of the bowl but does not tumble out.

bowl with packed with

Some may possibly advise that you use a grinder to get the weed as high-quality as doable but we really feel this is an avoidable action for bong using tobacco. If you had been rolling a joint, putting your cannabis through a grinder would be a good notion.

But we’re not rolling a joint, so we really don’t have to have to use a grinder. Trying to keep it very simple makes the journey all that additional enjoyable.

Phase #4

Making use of your thumb, press down gently on the mound made in action 3. Press the mound until finally it is even with, or just underneath, the rim of the bowl.

If you don’t pack the bud adequately, it won’t burn up all that nicely and can seriously severe your excitement. That stated, you do not want to pack it way too much for the reason that that can hinder airflow and consequence in dead places.

How To Pack A

Your aim when packing a bowl should be a wonderful even burn up with very several (if any) leftovers.

Step #5

Put the packed bowl again in the bong becoming watchful not to spill your schwag and ruin your challenging do the job. Never skip this move or all will be for naught.


Stage #6

Utilize a flame to the contents of the bowl, set the weed alight, and attract the resultant smoke by the bong utilizing a strong inhale. That is it! You have smoked your very first bowl.

Nice task. Take a minute to savor the triumph of a position effectively carried out.

Phase #7

At this level, you will almost certainly eliminate all track of time, so it’s the ideal option to introduce you to the seven stages of getting high. That way, you’ll know what to hope when your tokes begin to just take influence.

Take pleasure in the experience, grasshopper.

What The Eff Just Took place?

This is the instant exactly where the THC supercharges your neurons and you go from expressing to oneself, “Why do people take pleasure in this so much?” to, “Whoa! Yeah, I get it.” It takes place in the blink of an eye, so be all set.


Euphoria is the following end on the ganja specific. Be well prepared to soften into whatsoever furniture you are occupying.

Deep Contemplation

woman in knit hat sitting on rocks and looking out towards the sun

In the deep contemplation phase, you will uncover yourself participating with your friends in deep discussions about the infinite cloth of the universe, the quite character of reality, and why cats are so considerably better than pet dogs.


At this position in your excursion, you will come to feel like Massive Brother is in all places — in your Tv, in your Apple iphone, in the tracking chip embedded in your cranium (wait around, what?) — and absolutely everyone is either a CIA agent, Mossad assassin, or alien from Sirius.


The strangest foodstuff combinations are instantly beyond delectable. You just cannot get ample sugar and salt. Every little thing tastes so superior you wonder why the entire entire world is not overweight. Oh, wait. It is. Bummer.


Yep, you’re not accomplished nonetheless. Your existence is on repeat.


woman resting on her forearms after smoking and learning how to pack a bowl

At this seventh and final stage, you are quickly far more fatigued than you have ever been in your existence. You could literally slide asleep on your feet (do not chortle, we have found it come about).

All you want to do is uncover someplace comfortable to curl up and snooze for the following 12, eighteen, or 24 hrs.

Move #eight

Immediately after all is explained and accomplished, you are heading to want to pack one more bowl and day Mary Jane once again. But prior to you can do that, you need to have to clean up your bong. It is sort of like the price tag you shell out for the hrs upon several hours you spent doing totally practically nothing the evening just before.

But, seriously, if that’s all it expenditures for a ripping good time, we don’t thoughts.

It is best to clean up your bong quickly following you’re finished cigarette smoking for the evening (just before you achieve the fading stage). We like to rinse out our bong immediately after the munchie phase mainly because we’re ordinarily washing pizza plates in any case.

If you do it soon right after your blaze is put in, it is super easy — just rinse it with warm h2o. But if you depart it for an additional time, you will have to actually perform to get rid of all the sticky sludge. We’re all about quick and have substantially greater items to do with our time than scrub resin establish-up.

That’s why we clean up soon after every use. It only can take a moment or two. The choice is yours.

Learn The Approach

Possibilities are, you won’t get this appropriate the initially time — except you are some form of cannabis savant, in which situation, bully for you — but all it will take is a small observe.

Until finally you have mastered the course of action, use the earlier mentioned measures as a guidebook, but come to feel free to consider new things. Pay focus to what performs and what doesn’t, and quickly you’ll be extolling your mastery of bowl packing to a different technology of weed enthusiasts.

For extra information on all issues cannabis and to test out our one hundred-p.c all-natural marijuana items, check out nowadays.

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